Quality of Product

Our quality is based in the use of high quality row materials, which accomplish the specifications of the product and satisfaction of the final client. That is why Sacos del Atlantico is certified in the Norma de Calidad ISO 9001:2008. We are certified under this regulation since October, 2008. Due to this, we warranty uniformity in the products and continue improvement.

Environmental Management

In Sacos del Atlantico we are concerned about the correct and responsible management of the resources. These regulations keep us in a constant update on which are the best practice of management of natural resources and minimization in the impact that our productions may cause on the environment.

Segurity and Occupational Health

For us, the safety and health of our employees is too important, that is why we count with a team that looks over the safety of all the organization. The unity of Health and Security, OH&S, is responsible or rendering service, support and coaching of prevention of risks, as well as to warranty the good performance in the prevention of accidents in the organization.

The principal functions of Health and Occupational Security are:

To warranty the health and occupational security of our employees, contractors, visitors and other people who interact with our operations.

To ensure that all labor activities perform in the different unities are executed according to the health and security standards required as organization.

To promote competence and knowledge in our employees through the identification of needs of trainings and the proper execution of the courses.

To ensure the health, physical integrity and life quality of our employees through odontologist and medical evaluations, as well as the promotion of good eating habits.


Business Alliance for Secure Commerce is a commercial alliance that promotes a safety commerce in cooperation with governments and international organizations. BASC evolved toward integrity of the Logistic Chain of Commerce and has been recognized as a joint instrument among organizations, governments, customs and international organizations. Its constituted as a non-profit making organization, with denomination “World BASC Organization” under the laws of the State of Delaware, United States of America.

It is a program of cooperation among private sector, national and abroad organizations created to foment a safety international commerce. This cooperation is based on a permanent exchange of experiences, information and training which allows to perform its main objective: “To promote within its partners the development and execution of preventive actions destined to avoid contraband, drug trafficking and terrorism through legal commerce.”

50% percent of the productions in Sacos del Atlantico is to be exported. It is very important for us to ensure and to warranty that our products remain under strict controls of the value chain to minimize the risk of contamination until its arrival to our clients.

Business Culture

Our business culture is recognized by “Great Place to Work Institute.” The criteria that we follow to know if the employees consider that we are a good place to work are: credibility, respect, justice, pride and companionship.

The measuring investigation of a Great Place to Work is based in information collected that represents more than 10 million of employees from 50 countries, which represents around 6,000 organizations that vary from size, industry, maturity and structure.

In our category we are recognized so much in Guatemala as in Latin America. In 2016 we obtained the following results.