We produce with high quality products, our bags are made out of long fibers which are 100% virgin that warranties the best standards in extendibility, elasticity and porosity. The row materials come from sustainable forests which are manage under the strictest rules of environmental conservation.

The final product is biodegradable.


The kraft paper bags continue to be the best option for the automatic machine fillers that look forward high efficiency.

Combination among extendibility, elasticity, good surface for impression and porosity of papers, plus a conversion in machines of high pressure turns out in high quality bags to satisfy this sector.

The most used cements are:

-Portland Cement
-White Cement

For this type of product, it is advisable to use 20 and 50 kilograms with normal valve and hexagonal bottom.


It allows automatic fill and adequate management without waste of product. The content of lime inside these bags is not affected due to the correct closures in the valve and adequate protection that offers the paper package. It can make important differences in the market.

For almost all industry of lime it is recommended to use bags with valves and hexagonal bottom between 10 and 25 kg.

The most popular limes for package are:



Paper bags in the construction have many benefits, not only because it protects the products against spillage, humidity or contaminants. Also for its form and size they are the best option for its manage in construction areas. It can be used HDPE (Free film) among papers and also it can be used a great amount of designs and remarkable impressions.

For this type of products, it can be used presentations of 10, 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50 kg.

-Adhesives of tillage
-Materials for filling
-Mortero of masonry
-Mortero refractory
-Thermal isolation gypsum
-Mortero of mansory of brick
-Thermal isolation adhesive
-Decorative covering

Chemicals and Mining

Paper bags protect chemical materials in powder or grainy, from waste, contamination or humidity.

-Negro de humo
-PVC grainy
-PE grainy


Characteristics of kraft paper allows seeds to receive air from outside, but it limits the entrance of humidity which keeps the products preserved with hygiene and protected from germination.

-Seed of maize
-Seed of sunflower
-Seed of soya
-Seed of Alfalfa
-Seed of cotton
-Seed of spinach
-Seed of grass
-Seed of Canola
-Seed of wheat